summer skin & bones

I have a 21st coming up and i want to be mega slim

So starting yesterday I am on a diet.

My parents are going away for a week, which is perfect!

I’m only going to eat eggs and drink coffee :) oh and drink lots of water of course!

I plan to excercise at least 5 days a week at the gym and also do half an hour or so of my resistance band workout

I currently weigh 56kg and am 170cm tall, by December i want to be 50kg at the most

16.Oct.12 2 years ago

Monday, October 15


2 hardboiled eggs

Half a cup of coffee with trim milk and 1 splenda


Bacon and egg panini

2 coffees in tulip cups, trim milk and an equal in each

1 lemon diet tea


chicken and broccoli


walked the dog for half an hour

16.Oct.12 2 years ago